About Us

Meet our marketing team!

Who Are We?

Meet the owners:

If you look at the photo, you can tell that while we love to show our professionalism, we also love to have fun and we love what we do. That's Anna on the left and Hunter on the right. We started this business with a passion for marketing. We have several years of experience in all of the services we offer, and have quite a few additional professionals on our team to help our process in creating content. We want to hear from you, so contact us and we will hook you up with whatever you need!

What We Do for You?

Digital Drop is a company made up of creative professionals, producing quality content to help businesses reach their highest potential for an affordable price. To make sure you get the most out of your partnership with us, we create customized packages to consider all of your business' needs. Our process keeps you involved throughout everything. You will be able to depend on us to create, while overseeing what we produce. We strive to build positive relationships with you and approach each project with the same amount of consideration and care as you would.

YOU choose, WE create, YOU approve, WE post.